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About Jess

Hi there, thanks for visiting my site! I'm an artist, communications professional and campaigner living on Gadigal land in Sydney.

Initially training as a lawyer, I've worked with farmers impacted by coal and gas developments at NSW Farmers Association, on shark conservation at Humane Society International, and most recently on climate change communications in the Australian coal mining team at the Sunrise Project. 

I aim to blend my legal and communications skills with my art practice to create timely, thought-provoking and informative works commenting on climate change, politics and life.   

I started sharing my work during the bushfire crisis in 2020 and quickly saw a need for comic works focussing on climate change and biodiversity loss. Since then, I've had my work featured by the BBC and in the Guardian, and have worked with many campaigns, organisations and companies to enhance their environmental and social justice story telling. I've also recently started to branch out into graphic recordings for events. 

My top 3: 

  • Birds: Kookaburras, powerful owls and galahs. 

  • Foods: Shami kebabs, chocolate digestive biscuits and samosas.

  • Blossoms: Gum blossoms, waratahs and gum blossoms.

Commissions and Awards


  • Amnesty International Media Awards Finalist, 2021

  • Joint-winner of the CleanAway Prize in the Re-magine Art Competition, 2019

  • Second Prize (Drawing) in the Mosman Youth Art Prize, 2002

  • Highly Commended (Painting) in the Mosman Youth Art Prize, 2002

  • Highly Commended (Printmaking) in the Mosman Youth Art Prize, 2002

  • Highly Commended (Drawing) in the Mosman Youth Art Prize, 2003

  • Winner of the Children's Book Council of Australia National Roman Printing Prize for Illustration, 2000

  • Designer of the Sydney Olympics "Share the Spirit" Commemorative Pin, 1999


  • Podcast tile artwork for "Julia Zemiro Asks Who Cares?" podcast, 2021

  • Museum of Democracy illustrations explaining the International Day of Democracy, 2021

  • Balmain High Bushcare Group signage design, 2021

  • Australian Marine Conservation Foundation social media graphics and end of year card, 2021

  • Kurri Kurri Gas Plant campaign posters for the Gas Free Hunter Alliance, 2021

  • Australian Democracy Network illustrated video, 2021

  • Dulux infographics, 2021 

  • Australian Conservation Foundation "Healthy Democracy" postcard design, 2021

  • Bob Brown Foundation Protect Native Forests campaign, 2021

  • Atlassian live-drawing and facilitation session on climate campaigns, 2020

  • Better Renting social media illustrations, 2020 

  • Bush Heritage collaboration on 'Which Iso Bird Are You?' cartoon quiz, 2020

  • Alliance for Gambling Reform social media illustrations, 2020

  • Raised $1500 for wildlife rescue after the 2019-20 bushfire crisis

  • Playing card Illustration for The Bar Brand People, 2019

  • #StopAdani cartoons for Instagram and Facebook, 2019

  • #StopAdani t-shirt designs, raising money for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, 2018

  • Environmental Defenders Office NSW End of Year Card, 2018

  • Sunrise Project End of Year Card commission, 2018

  • Great Koala National Park Map for NSW Member of Parliament, 2018

  • Sydney Marine Park map illustration for NSW Member of Parliament, 2018

  • End of Year card design for Australia, 2017

  • Bulga Art Workshop, 2015

  • Art for Anxiety workshops with Laneway Learning, 2014 - 2015

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 5.02.08 pm.png

Excerpt from the Maitland Mercury, June 11 2015 

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