Want me to illustrate for you? 

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Sometimes words aren't enough.
Sometimes you need pictures. 

I have over tens years of experience in ​illustration, cartooning and campaigns. I love solving problems with pictures. If you're not entirely sure what artworks you need for your supporters or customers, I can help you with concept development and copywriting as well as producing the finished product.

I specialise in visual communication and have done the following types of illustrations for organisations and individuals. See examples here.  

  • Infographics and social media infographic series. 

  • Website illustrations and banners. 

  • Social media posts. 

  • Poster art. 

  • Annual Report illustrations.

  • Illustrated timelines. 

Get in touch or send me a brief today!

Some things to think about for your brief

​To help me understand what you need and to minimise revisions, please think about the following when contacting me for an illustration commission: 

  • What is the audience for your artwork?

  • What do you want to say to your audience?

  • What action do you want your audience to take? 

  • Where and how will your illustration be used? Is it for social media, for cards, for posters, t-shirts?

  • What is the timeline? 

  • Is there a style you have in mind? 

  • Did you have a budget in mind? 


"Jess is wonderful to work with and tailored her workshop to Atlassian's needs. She is an excellent illustrator and facilitator, and kept the Atlassian audience captivated with her innovative live-drawing and story-telling skills.
She is extremely talented, warm and inspiring. We can't wait to have her back for more learnings."

- Hayley, Atlassian 

"Jess produced great illustrations for our work on renting and coronavirus. She was excellent at engaging with and building upon our existing brand identity, and a pleasure to work with."

- Joel, Better Renting 

Untitled_Artwork 52.jpg

Illustrations for Better Renting's campaign brief, 2020